Since 2008 RIGTECH has been providing construction hoist services to the construction industry across Australia. Over these fourteen years Paul Hancock and our General Manager Az Ramjahn have been actively building a team of the most experienced in the Construction Hoist Industry.

Paul Hancock

Managing Director

Experience: 30 years in hoist industry

Business thrives in great relationships and Paul builds strong trusted relationships. His relationships are built on solid foundations of providing excellent service, reliability and his unique skills of tailoring solutions for RIGTECH customers, developing overall solutions based on marker factors in the process. Paul continues to travel the world, constantly being inspired by what is happening in other global communities within the construction industry. Using his new found discoveries to continue to develop RIGTECH here in Australia as well as the Contruction Elevator industry.

Paul has developed a responsive, creative and dedicated team of educated professionals and Paul puts this down to his intuitive and empathetic team building skills.

Az Ramjahn

General Manager

Experience: 19 years in the key areas of infrastructure and construction asset/hoist management.

Az championed the company to certification in ISO9001 and AS/NZS4801 for Quality and Safety Management Systems. He consistently educates our customers and our team on current innovation and thinking and has a unique ability to apply his engineering discipline to each and every RIGTECH project.

Dale Bayliss

Operations Manager

Experience: 30 years in hoist industry

Dale is a master of building strong commercial relationships. Dale's relationships are based on excellent service and much like Paul our MD, is very capable when it comes to designing and implementing tailor made solutions to construction management. Often it’s challenging to foresee some of the future difficulties a job site might experience. Dale almost has a crystal ball in this area. Again, this comes from his 30 years of experience.

Allen Craddock

Team Leader

Experience: 23 years in hoist industry

Sometimes tradies are born with amazing intuitive skills which are just honed and certainly improved over time. Well that’s Allen, he is quite humble about the knowledge he possesses across multiple trades, not to mention the skills that complete the package. Allen understands and ensures excellence in all disciplines of rigging construction hoists safely. There are never any short cuts, and nor should there be. Allen leads by example, and builds great camaraderie within the team. We are very proud of Allen’s continued and immense contribution to the RIGTECH team.

Marin Jancic

Senior Technician

Experience: 21 years in hoist industry.

After 21 years Marin is a great asset. Marin’s foremost asset is his ability to understand customers’ needs and their expectations. Marin is empathetic and can clearly see from our customers perspective. This intuitive skill enables Marin to communicate and develop very strong relationships with our customers. Much like Az our GM, Marin has an great eye for detail ensuring our delivery is in keeping with our customers’ expectations. Marin is committed to service excellence, and you will feel this from your very first meeting with Marin.