RIGTECH’s success is driven by a number of very important aspects of the RIGTECH business:


RIGTECH are the largest purchaser of ALIMAK construction hosits in Australia. We also sell, hire, install, maintain, decommission, and buy back hoists.


A major consideration in all projects is safety and our record stands for itself. Our reputation and our longevity as a company is driven by our continuing high record, and we plan on keeping it that way.


Tailoring Hoist Solutions - at RIGTECH we start with a ‘site survey’ and then construct one or more solutions for your site that will ensure your needs are met and maintained throughout the build.


An integral part of your decisions regarding hoist installation will be whether you purchase or hire, at RIGTECH we offer a variety of options that will suit your needs and your budget.


We know that service in our industry is paramount and we are concious that under promising and over delivering, continues to support our reputation and ensures our continued first choice for projects large and small.


RIGTECH has the experience of more than 100 years of combined experience to formulate a precise well-considered hoist plan for your project. Our team are professionals and will become an asset in your project planning.


We train, coach and provide ongoing education for our entire team to ensure that we continue to offer the best possible service and more importantly safety record in the business.